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Character Counter Tool Instructions

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Why Does Character Count Matter?

Character counts can be found everywhere in writing. From college applications to social media platforms, various entities impose character limits so it’s important to know how many characters your writing contains.

What Is Character Count?

Computer characters are any letters, numbers, spaces, punctuation marks, or symbols that can be typed on a computer. Each character requires one byte of space on a computer, so the word “mouse” takes up 5 bytes.

Character Count FAQs

Do Spaces Count as Characters?

Yes, a space counts as 1 character since a space takes up one byte in a computer’s memory. If you use our character counter tool above, you will find that the phrase “Hello World” ha 11 characters since the space counts as one as well.

Do Punctuation Marks Count as Characters?

Yes, punctuation marks, like spaces, count as characters since they take up the same amount of space in a computer’s memory. You will notice this when you try to add too many exclamation marks to a Tweet.

How Many Characters Do Emojis Count As?

Emojis actually count as two characters since it takes up two bytes πŸ˜€.

How Many Characters Do Special Characters Count As?

Special characters such as pound (#), the dollar sign ($), and ampersand (&) each count as one character.

Social Media Character Counts

Social media channels have word and character limits for the content you post to their sites. Below are the word count limits for various social media platforms.

TikTok Character Limits

TikTok limits posts and comments to 150 characters (20-40 words) and profiles to 80 characters.

Twitter Character Count

Twitter allows up to 280 characters in regular Tweets (40-70 words) and 10,000 characters in DMs (Direct Messages). The ideal length of a Tweet is 71-100 Characters.

Facebook Post Character Limits

Facebook has very generous character limits of up to 63,206Β characters per post.Β However, the ideal length of a Facebook post is 40-80 characters.

Instagram Character Limits

The limit for an Instagram caption is 2,200 characters, but the ideal length is 138-150 characters. The maximum length of an Instagram bio is 150 characters.

Check out this post for more character limits on social media.

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