Brad Taylor Books in Order

There are many writers penning fiction about covert operations, but very few authors can boast that they consult several government agencies on threats to the United States. Brad Taylor just happens to be that rare breed. With his Pike Logan series, Taylor ushers readers into shadowy nooks and crannies where no one can be trusted. Spies and patriots abound, and one small misstep can cause significant ramifications. With pulse-pounding plots and fascinating characters, Taylor entices readers and draws them into his exciting world.

Pike Logan Books in Order

When audiences meet Pike Logan, he is enmeshed in a government program known as The Taskforce. Operating outside of the ordinary bounds of the law, this is the team that does the country’s dirty work. Logan, however, has experienced an epiphany. A recent tragedy has forced him to reevaluate everything he is and all that he stands for. It is against this backdrop that Logan discovers intercepted chatter that possesses the capacity to change the course of human history. As the series goes on, Logan finds himself facing off against a number of terrorists who plan to do great harm to the country. Because The Taskforce does not have to report to Congress, some of the methods used by this team are extremely unorthodox.

Throughout the series, Logan teams up with Jennifer Cahill and a number of other characters quite frequently. His world takes him throughout the Middle East and many other exotic locales. At one point, he is tasked with heading off a pandemic. From navigating inside threats to addressing rogue operators, Logan is never at a loss for hard work. Along the way, he meets a number of other operatives across the world, engaging with members of the Mossad and more. Whether he’s hunting down Russian assassins or preventing a worldwide virus from taking hold, Logan is guaranteed to give readers many thrills throughout the course of this engaging series.


Standalone Books in Order


The Callsign (2012)

Gut Instinct (2013)

Black Flag (2013)

The Dig (2014)

The Recruit (2015)

The Target (2016)

The Infiltrator (2017)

The Ruins (2018)

Exit Fee (2019)


Brad Taylor Biography

If anyone was born to become a spy, it was Brad Taylor. Born in Japan, he grew up in a place that couldn’t be more different — a rural area in Texas. After attending the University of Texas, Taylor quickly joined the United States Army. He would spend over two decades in the Army, rising through the ranks quickly and impressing his superior officers with his natural acumen for military operations. It wasn’t long before he would be charged with conducting classified operations. His real world experience, however, has always been backed up by a strong belief in education. Taylor boasts a postgraduate degree in Irregular Warfare and even served as a professor at The Citadel.

With this skill set, it is not surprising that the former infantryman’s knowledge is in high demand to this day. His enhanced capacity for predicting real world threats has made him a favorite of government agencies that still consult with him today. Boasting a special knack for asymmetric treats, Taylor is not an author who needs to research the clandestine world of secret government operations — he has lived in this world so long that it is second nature to him. Taylor published his first novel — and readers loved it. This initial success led to the creation of the Pike Logan series, which consistently hits bestseller lists and has sold millions of copies worldwide. With the grand debut of the series occurring over a decade ago, it is still going as strong as ever. To date, there are 16 books in the series. Like Brad Taylor himself, the lead character possesses the imagination and quick thinking skills that are needed to survive in such high-octane environments.

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