Bare With Me vs. Bear With Me 

There are many homophones (words having the same pronunciation) in the English language, pronounced alike but spelled differently. In this post, we will address the difference between two such words, i.e., bear vs. bare. These two words are used in several phrases and pronounced similarly. Therefore, people often get confused about which word to use. Today, we will talk about the proper use and spelling of the phrase “bear with me. “ 

Bear with Me: It’s the accurate spelling of the phrase bear with me, which means “be patient with me.”

Bare with Me: It’s a spelling error of the phrase bear with me. The word bare (verb) means “to uncover” or “to reveal.” Now you know how embarrassing it could be if you use the word bare instead of bear.

Let’s analyze the difference in a little more detail.

Difference Between Bear With Me & Bare With Me?

The phrase bear with me expresses patience and tolerance. When you say “bear with me,” you ask someone to endure your actions or wait patiently. On the contrary, when you ask someone to “bare with me,” you mean reveal or uncover themselves. That’s not what you want to say in most cases.  

Definition and How to Use Bear with Me

The phrase “bear with me” has meanings like “be patient,” “hear me out,” and more. Let’s see some of its uses in sentences.

  • Bear with me a little longer; I will answer your question.
  • It’s difficult to bear with criticism.
  • Kindly bear with me; I will explain why this story is important.
  • If you bear with me, I will find you a copy of the invoice.
  • I will be glad if you will bear with me for an hour at least.
  • I know it’s annoying but bear with it for a day.
  • The manager asked us to bear with him due to his illness.

Definition and How to Use Bare With Me

As mentioned above, “bare with me” is the wrong spelling of the same phrase. As both bare and bear are verbs and sound alike, a lot of people use them interchangeably, but bare can’t be used in place of bear in the phrase, “bear with me.” 

However, it doesn’t mean that the word bare has no meaning itself.

Use of the Word Bare in Sentences

  • Bare (Verb): Uncover
  • Bare (Adverb): Very

 Bare as a Verb in Sentences

  • She likes to walk bare feet in the grass.
  • The swimmer was bare from the waist up in the pool.
  • Bare feet make no noise
  • Get your bare feet off this cold floor else you will fall ill.
  • He attacked me with bare hands
  • The field was bare of any vegetation

Bare as an Adverb in Sentence

  • The party was bare good.
  • The food was bare good.

Remembering The Accurate Spelling for Phrase “Bear With Me”

Once you have evident knowledge of both words, it will be easier to recognize the difference between them. Still, if you get confused, you can remember that the “bear with me” phrase is a request for forbearance, which means pertinence, self-control, and tolerance. And the word forbearance itself has the spelling of bear. 


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