BAMF Meaning: What Does BAMF Mean?

Have you ever met anyone that was hard and borderline cold? They may have had an insane level of swagger that was bold, off-putting yet intoxicating. They gave off this vibe of, “don’t dare mess with me,” type of attitude? Well, you may have actually run into a BAMF.

If you’ve ever heard someone call someone else a BAMF and wondered what it meant, we’re here to help you.

What Does BAMF Mean?

According to Urban Dictionary, the full form of BAMF means “Bad Ass Mother F**ker.”

The BAMF meaning is a culmination of swag and grit, power and terror. Those that are considered badass motherf**kers can be looked at as cold and mean and can be revered as very intimidating and heartless.

A BAMF exudes self-confidence and no one likes to challenge a BAMF. In fact, they can thrive on fear alone and they don’t let anyone walk all over them. It’s nothing personal to whomever a BAMF may be interacting with but someone that is super sensitive, he or she may not take kindly to a bad ass mother f**ker’s attitude and persona.

BAMF is also a mindset and someone that has this “big d**k energy,” walks around with a lot of confidence and self assurance. People could misinterpret the swagger for cockiness; however, badass motherf**kers are assured of who they are and not afraid to be bold and color outside the lines. Being cocky is not “BAMF” material, it’s simply just plain cockiness.

The Origins of the Acronym BAMF

While a BAMF is someone that people fear, they also have the reputation and the ability to gain respect from those around them. The term “motherf**ker” has been around for years. In fact, the literal term of “motherf**ker” is intercourse with a mother. It was considered a derogatory term back in the day during the 1600s. Fast forward to 1939 during World War II and the term was still frowned upon and exemplified pain and suffering. The term started to gain some traction in a positive direction in the 1950s and 1960s. The term started to take a new meaning and was not only known to describe a vicious or mean person. There was also a “wow” factor.

It has become a descriptor of things that are hard to do or complete. For example, the BAMF meaning expands beyond “he’s a badass motherf**ker” to “that was a motherf**ker to fix” or “motherf**ker.” The term has multiple meanings and can even be a term of endearment. Such as, “she’s a badass motherf**ker!” It doesn’t have to be only seen as negative, it can be a positive and uplifting term nowadays.

Some people aren’t comfortable saying the word or the full phrase and will stick to the word “BAMF.” It’s short and sweet and easy to hide in case someone wants to conceal their distaste for something or someone. Samuel L Jackson is well known for his famous line containing the word “motherf**ker” and in that context it’s used as a way to describe the current situation. In this case, there was a boat load of snakes on a plane, which was in flight. He was in charge of keeping a witness safe and he hit a breaking point when multiples of people started dying on the plane.

Whether the term BAMF is viewed as a positive or a negative there is a lot of merit when it comes to someone saying, “She’s a badass motherf**ker,” or “what a BAMF.” It carries more positive vibes and connotation vs the old version that brought about a lot of pain and suffering.

Other Meanings of BAMF

While the previously described meaning of BAMF is the most common meaning, the acronym does have several other meanings.

  • Bamf (Marvel Universe): Bamfs are a primitive race of creatures featured in the Marvel universe. They were created by Chris Claremont and Dave Cockrum. All Bamfs feature the ability to teleport, stick to objects with the surface of their hands and feet, and use their tails. They are not particularly strong and have subconscious spatial awareness.
  • Bad At Making Friends
  • Bay Area Micro Fusion
  • Brothers Associated Moving Forward
  • Beer Art Music Food
  • Biomass Alternate Methane Fuels
  • Bash Application Matching Framework
  • Bowral Autumn Music Festival (Australia)
  • Berkey Avenue Mennonite Fellowship (Goshen, IN)
  • British Art Market Federation (est. 1996; UK)
  • Bureau of Apogaea Medical and Fire (Colorado)
  • Bundesamt für Militärflugplätze (German: Federal Office for Military Airfields; Switzerland)
  • Builders Association of Metro Flint (Burton, MI)
  • Builders’ Association of Metropolitan Flint (Flint, Michigan)
  • Bay Area Metal Festival (Santa Clara, CA)


Now that you know the real meaning of BAMF, be sure to use it carefully. And don’t confuse it for Banff National Park.

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