10 Authors Like Colleen Hoover That Will Make You Believe in Love

If you are a sucker for bestselling author Colleen Hoover’s YA, contemporary romance, and thriller themes, you are in luck! Our 12 choices for the best authors like Colleen Hoover will stop you from falling into the dreaded what-do-I-read slump!

Like Hoover, these authors are masters in unexpected twists and, of course, a gut and heart-wrenching romantic suspense plotline for the perfect read. 

K.A. Tucker

A picture of author K.A. Tucker holding a wine glass.

Like Colleen Hoover, Canadian author K.A. Tucker highlights strong women who power through hardships until captured by romance. Appearing on the USA Today bestseller lists, Tucker’s books are celebrated for the idiosyncratic nature of her characters. Among her celebrated works is Ten Tiny Breaths, the story of a capable young woman who, after the death of her parents, seeks a fresh life. Unexpectedly, her new circumstances include a love interest with his own burdens to shoulder. Tucker’s publisher reminds readers that her narratives always come with an element of edginess. Read Tucker to be enthralled; just don’t get too comfortable.

Abbi Glines

Black and white photo of author Abbi Glines

To hear Abbi Glines describe herself, you come away thinking of a Southern girl with British sensibilities. In fact, her novels reflect both sides of that dichotomy. In true Hoover-esque fashion, Glines combines a tough female – recovering from tragedy – with a knight whose armor is somewhat tarnished in  Lyrics of a Small Town Meanwhile, Glitter tells the tale of romantic maneuvering among the English peerage, where a duty-bound girl meets a young noble with a chip on his shoulder. All in all, Ms. Glines represents a trend in YA fiction that seeks to shatter sexual taboos.

Helen Hoang

picture of author Helen Hoang standing outside

Based in Southern California, author Helen Hoang is one of the best authors like Collee Hoover. She writes novels reflecting her Asian background and her experience with Autism Spectrum Disorder. These aspects of her identity can challenge an author trying to sell to the young adult market. Yet she has proven to be successful at exploiting them, a fact exemplified by her 2018 book, The Kiss Quotient. This novel ranked highly on both the New York Times and USA Today bestseller lists.

The book focuses on a brilliant young woman with Asperger’s Syndrome who used algorithms that made her rich. Unfortunately, her dating life isn’t as successful. She seeks to overcome a difficult symptom – discomfort with sex. 

Alessandra Torre

Photo of novelist Alessandra Torre

From her Florida home base, Alessandra Torre writes novels heavy on romance, thrill, and eroticism. Not only has she made the bestseller lists of USA Today, the Wall Street Journal, and the New York Times, but she also works to equip the next generation of authors.

With online education, writer conferences, and applicable software, Torre pays it forward by enabling aspiring novelists to perfect their craft. She is also a founding author at BingeBooks. What grows from her fertile imagination is typified by The Trophy Wife, an account of a woman seeking escape in the arms of a rich and handsome suitor – and then seeking escape from him.

Rebecca Donovan

A photo of Rebecca Donovan, one of authors like Colleen Hoover

In 2012, Rebecca Donovan saw the release of her breakout novel,  Reason to Breathe, a success that would breed a trilogy including Barely Breathing and Out of Breath. Once an event planner, Donovan connects easily with the young adult a/k/a new adult market. Her standalone work, What If, is notable for its narrator and protagonist, a non-descript fellow who nevertheless is a draw for the ladies. Donovan often gets her inspiration from music.

Anne Eliot

Photo of Anne Eliot

Anne Eliot writes with a heart for teen’s work-a-day challenges. This affection for young people manifests in her many hours spent mentoring teen-aged writers. A Colorado native and winner of the Paul Gillette (n/k/a Zebulon) Award for fiction writing, Eliot is an active conference speaker and a regular author in the Amazon Reader’s Choice top 100. One of her most noteworthy novels is Unmaking Hunter Kennedy, which features a teen pop idol who goes into hiding and enlists an awkward and naïve girl to help him blend into a small community. This unlikely pairing is the star’s first experience with friendship…and love.

Mia Sheridan

A picture of author Mia Sheridan

Mia Sheridan is also one of the top authors like Colleen Hoover. This New York Times bestselling romance writer weaves this theme into her novels with ease and consistency. She steers clear of trilogies, favoring standalone stories instead. Even the books of her Sign of Love zodiac collection can be read independently of one another.

Her 2018 novel, More Than Words, tells of two children who parted after a bout of puppy love only to be reunited as adults in a more intense – and complicated – relationship.

Christina Lauren

Photo of authors Christina Hobbs and Lauren Billings

Another denizen of the bestseller lists is Christina Lauren. Actually, this is the pseudonym for a writing team, Christina Hobbs and Lauren Billings. This duo has authored over 17 novels for both the new adult and adult markets. A guidance counselor and neuroscientist, respectively, by training, the two are active wives and mothers when not collaborating on the next book. Living a thousand miles apart is also challenging. 

Roomies, one of the team’s highly popular works, revisits a familiar theme of a marriage of convenience evolving into something more profound. The two characters, though, learn as much about themselves as they do about each other.

Another great book to read from Lauren is Love and Other Words, which will remind you of Hoover’s It Ends With Us. Much like Lily, Macy Sorensen, the protagonist, bumps into her first love – Elliot Petropoulos. The book’s chapters are told in different timelines, giving you a deeper understanding of how the two fell in love and how they fell apart. 

Katja Millay

Experienced as a television producer and film screenwriter, Katja Millay is no stranger to weaving a gripping narrative. As a graduate of New York University’s Tisch School for the Arts, she brings a knack for creativity to each of her stories.

Her first and most famous book is  The Sea of Tranquility: A Novel. Two lonely and somewhat dysfunctional people, both wracked with pain and loss, come together. Almost instantly, they complete one another while simultaneously suspecting each other – of something. Readers are gripped by their mutual search for redemption. This novel earned the School Library Journal Best Book Award for 2013.

Katie McGarry

A headshot photo of Katie Mcgarry

When seeking out authors like Colleen Hoover, you need not look far to find Katie McGarry. This accomplished writer of the Witches of the Island series promotes the idea that true love is indomitable. A resident of Kentucky, she is prolific in the young adult and romance genres. She is celebrated for her 2020 release, Only a Breath Apart. In this tale, two survivors of unhappy families – and one-time sweethearts – must revisit their past out of necessity, discovering redemptive love in the process.

Claire Wallis

A science journalist with hundreds of articles to her credit, Claire Wallis gives her heart to fiction. Having held myriad jobs and diverse experiences aids this Pennsylvanian in creating riveting plots and sympathetic characters. Her first novel, Push, appeared in 2014 and was soon followed by the sequel – wait for it – Pull. In The Sound of Light, her main character, K’acy, is strong and passionate but, as with the best characters, has secrets that readers must uncover. When an author wishes she knew a character in real life, you know there lies a compelling story.

Anna Todd

picture of author Anna Todd

An Ohio native and Army wife, Anna Todd has seen enough and loved enough to have more than enough to tell. She began her writing career on Wattpad, and her stories found wider audiences from that electronic platform. With multiple series and even a film treatment behind her, Todd credits her first book, After, with her success. In this narrative of academic nerd meets roguish charmer, Todd presents an odd couple who might have more in common than meets the eye.

Authors Like Colleen Hoover: Who Is Your Favorite?

Whether you fell in love with Hoover’s Ugly Love between Tate Collins and Miles Archer, the pain and memories about Lily’s first love, Atlas, in the 2016 Goodreads Choice Awards winner It Ends with Us, or you simply like reading a good love story every now and then, these authors like Colleen Hoover will surely have you at the edge of your seat.

What was the last book you’ve read? Did we miss other authors like Hoover? Let us know in the comments!

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