Abbreviation for Building

You may want to abbreviate the word “building” if you are writing a document, text, or notes, but it can be confusing to know the correct way to abbreviate the word. While the English language can feel complex and bloated at times, do keep in mind that there are reasons for such complexities to exist. If you are looking for brevity instead, then you may be asking how to abbreviate the word “building.”

Definition of the Word Building

There are two main definitions for the word building, which largely refer to the word as a noun and as a verb, which means while they are closely related they are still fairly different words in those contexts.

As a noun a building is defined as a construction that is on a plot of land, with the common features of being partially but not fully enclosed, having windows, roof, and more than one level. The intended use of the building doesn’t matter for the definition, and as such both a house and an office count as buildings.

As a verb building refers to the act of constructing something, regardless of size or material.

How Do You Abbreviate Building?

The proper abbreviation for building is: bldg. The plural form is bldgs to abbreviate the word “buildings”.

That said you are very likely to find the word abbreviated as BLDG in all caps depending on the context, we will discuss the reasons for this below, but it is also a proper use of the abbreviation and every bit as valid.

Synonyms for Building

For its use of a noun these are some of the main synonyms you can use for the word building: Construction, Edifice, Domicile, Home, House and Construction.

Largely speaking any word that refers to a construction which allows people to dwell on it can be used as a synonym of building based on the context. As such all synonyms of house, apartment and so on can be used due to how general of a word building is in day to day usage.

As verb the synonyms are far more specific, but there’s still a fair selection to choose from, amongst them the following: Assembling, Confecting, Fabricating, Making, Piecing, Setting and Erecting.

When to Use the Abbreviation

Abbreviations in general are only meant to be used when space is a major concern, and such not only are you unlikely to find bldg in general prose, but to use it in that context would be considered a mistake. You are most likely to find bldg and bldgs in places such as newspaper headers, long official reports and presentation cards and documents. Anywhere where there’s a heavy focus on saving characters or the word is likely to be repeated time and time again in the same context.

On the other hand while BLDG is fully capitalized it is not necessarily a different abbreviation, just the word used on a different context. BLDG is the proper way to use the abbreviation when it comes to postal services. If you need to state the building name or number in a mailing address you should write it as BLDG, fully capitalized. This same presentation is used for schematics and construction drawings, but that’s less common of a field.

Some Examples of When to Use the Abbreviation

  • Palm Street, Violet Residences, BLDG 3.
  • Famous magnate has started the construction of his new set of apartment bldgs.
  • Residential bldg caught on fire, more details on page 3.

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