Abbreviation for Boulevard

French is a Romance language. Its title is due to the fact that it comes from the Latin base. English is not a Romance language but more of a Germanic descendant. There are, however, many French words in the English language. Boulevard is a French word that translates into English with the exact spelling. Boulevard abbreviation varies from language to language. Examples of boulevards can be found in many major cities around the globe.

The Definition of Boulevard

“Wide” is the key word to differentiate a boulevard from an ordinary street. In addition, locale is important as noted herein. Boulevards are located in large urban areas. There is generally some type of median in the middle. Often it contains trees. In general, boulevard is a scenic thoroughfare that defines a city.

A boulevard is one of the major features of a city. It makes the urban landscape special. Tourists and residents alike flock to a boulevard. That is due to the shops and other attractions that often line the thoroughfare. Many cities are known for their unique boulevard.

How Do You Abbreviate the Word-Depends on the Language

The standard American English boulevard abbreviation is Blvd. In French-speaking Canada, the abbreviation is “boul”. In Paris, the short version is “bd” (short for bollevart meaning promenade, avenue, and rampart).

The differences appear to be the result of the origin of the word. In English, the abbreviation makes sense as it is a shorthand for the word. Anyone seeing “Blvd” on a sign would probably realize it represented boulevard. In French, the origin of the word translates into bastion. That is due to the original boulevard being built on the location of a wall around the city of Paris.

The standard abbreviation by the United States Postal Service (USPS) is “Blvd.” However, the service acknowledges BOUL (the French Canadian or Canadien version) or BOULV as possible uses. However, a letter or package addressed to a locale on a boulevard should use the standard USPS term Blvd.

Synonyms of Boulevard

The only true synonym that fits the definition stated above is a thoroughfare. Other terms found in a dictionary would include expressway, avenue, roadway, and artery. The problem with these terms is that they can be applied to a narrow or standard size street. An avenue, for example, can exist in a subdivision. A boulevard would rarely be found in a housing area.

When to Use and Not Use the Abbreviation

A prime example is a road sign that does not have room for the full word. A person describing the boulevard or naming it would use the full word. However, the highway department might not have the space on the signage. Thus cities will have signs that end in Blvd.

If at all possible the full spelling should be utilized. However, in a text, email, or on Twitter where space or speed is at a premium, then use blvd. However, if there is a doubt as to whether or not persons reading the text will understand the boulevard abbreviation, use the full word.

There is a certain flavor to any French word that gets lost with an English abbreviation. Sandhills Boulevard sounds much better than Sandhills Blvd.

Examples of Sentences Using the Abbreviation

Below are some examples of using the abbreviated form of boulevard in a sentence:

  • The car wash is located on Sandhills Blvd.
  • IHOP is located at 3009 Capital Blvd, Raleigh, North Carolina.
  • Sunset Blvd in Los Angeles, California is over 21 miles long.

The list can go on to include a sentence describing a business located on a boulevard in most major cities in the United States. It can also refer to a famous boulevard such as Sunset Blvd which was featured in movies and television shows.

Watch for the term Blvd as businesses are found in an internet search. Then type in the name of the boulevard followed by the abbreviation. Photographs of a wide scenic part of a city will appear. It is all part of the French heritage translated into English.


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