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Use our YouTube title tag checker to see how your YouTube titles will appear on YouTube and on Google. Make sure they are the right length to appear correctly in search results. Just enter your title below to get started.

YouTube Title Preview Tool & Title Length Checker

Overall Stats

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Desktop Video Title Preview

Try Not To Laugh Watching Funny Fails Videos 2022

37K views β€’ 15 hours ago
Capitalize My Title
YouTube will show at least 100 characters on desktop and 45-55 characters on mobile. Descriptions truncate at 110px-140px.

Mobile Video Title Preview

Try Not To Laugh Watching Funny Fails Videos 2022

Capitalize My Title
37K views β€’ 15 hours ago



  • YouTube search result titles use Arial 28px font
  • YouTube limits their Search Engine Results Page (SERP) titles to 600px

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Using This Tool

Our YouTube title checker shows you how a title will likely appear in YouTube search results on desktop and mobile.

Overall Stats:

  • Title length: This metric shows you how many pixels wide your title is.
  • word count: This shows you how many words are in your title.
  • Character count: This shows you how many characters are in your title. YouTube truncates titles longer than 60 characters.
  • Title score: This score shows you how good your headline is based on readability, SEO, and sentiment. The scores range from 0-100 and an higher score mean you have a better headline.


You can see what your video title will look like with our Desktop Preview and Mobile Preview sections.

What Is the Ideal YouTube Title Length?

The ideal title tag length for YouTube titles is 600 pixels (about 60 characters) on desktop. The same length title will be shown o mobile devices albeit over 3 lines of text. This is because Google optimizes its search results to show YouTube video titles uniformly for standardized screen sizes. A 600-pixel width covers a wide range of devices, including older computers and mobile devices.

Why Is Title Length Important for SEO?

YouTube aims to provide a consistent user experience by giving all titles in its search results the same maximum width of 600 pixels. For desktop users, the video title shows up on 1-2 lines and on mobile, it shows up on 3 lines. It guarantees that content creators keep their videos concise without too much keyword-stuffing. It also ensures that titles don’t take up too much screen space regardless of which device a user is using.

How Can You Measure the Width of Your Title?

Now that you know the importance of SEO title width, you can use our video title checker tool above which will show you the width of your SEO title as well as score your title on various other factors.