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4. Restore Me (2018)
5. Defy Me (2019)
6. Imagine Me (2020)

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Tahereh Mafi Biography

Acclaimed author Tahereh Mafi is a New York Times Bestselling and National Book Awards nominee. She takes her young readers on mythical and magical journeys allowing them to explore their imagination in her fictional stories. Some of her notable works include the 2011 beginning series of Shatter Me followed by Destroy Me in 2012.

Today, Mafi’s writing career continues to flourish with her latest published book, An Emotion of Great Delight on many bookshelves. Fans look out for her new novel coming to online and brick-mortar bookstores in February 2022. This Woven Kingdom explores the life of a crown prince and a disposable servant.

Iranian immigrants came to America and moved to a small town in Connecticut. They welcomed their first-born daughter and the youngest child of five children on November 9th, 1988, Tahereh Mafi. Tahereh and her family relocated to California when she turned 12 years old, which continues to be her home state today.

Mafi is a graduate from University High School in Irvine and attended Soka University in Aliso Viejo, earning a bachelor’s degree. She pursued a continuous education and travelled to Barcelona in Spain to study for one semester. Tahereh is fluent in the English language and speaks seven other languages including Spanish.

Before writing her first book in 2011, the Iranian American began her career creating manuscripts. She wrote five of them for practice and developing her book writing skills. Shatter Me became a successful book followed by 11 other books in the series.

Each book in the collection grasps the attention of young adults to explore love, friendship, and betrayal. Novelist Tahereh Mafi is famous for her book series as a NY Times Bestselling author in the children and adolescents categories. A Very Large Expanse of Sea is noteworthy as a nomination for the 2018 National Book Award in literature for young people.

Tahereh shares imaginative stories to middle grade children in fictional books, Furthermore and Whichwood. Her books in this age group invite young people to a creative world that is magical and adventurous to finding love and individuality. The latest novel in bookstores for sale is An Emotion of Great Delight. This Woven Kingdom is a new novel expected to hit the market in February 2022.

Presently, Tahereh Mafi continues to introduce her readers to a new explorative story yearly. She resides in Orange County of Southern California with her husband of seven years, Ransom Riggs. They have a four-year-old daughter and lives in Irvine.

Overview of Novels and Book Series by Tahereh Mafi

Furthermore tells an interesting story about a girl name Alice at age 12 destined to find her lost father after three years. She travels from her hometown in Ferenwood to Furthermore and becomes acquainted with Oliver, a crafty liar and deceiving boy. The land is imaginary and dangerous filled with suspense to finding her father.

Whichwood is a fictional magical adventure and fantasy about a Persian woman named Laylee. After the passing of her mother and a father stricken with grief, she aged over the years becoming lonely. She experiences again the magical power of color and healing through friendship.

Shatter Me Series comprise 12 books including compilations and novellas. It starts with Shatter Me as book one to Defy Me as book five. Shadow Me is about young Juliette who is struggling with betrayal from Warner and maintaining a friendship with Kenji. This book along with Reveal Me carry readers back to the world of Shatter Me in Find Me.

A Very Large Expanse of Sea enlightens its readers of a young girl who endures physical violence and controversy due to her race and custom attire. She escapes her frustration through break-dance and music. Then she meets Ocean James who has an interest in knowing about her, but she’s reluctant.

An Emotion of Great Delight is a fiction novel looking at the world on the perspective of a Muslim family. Shadi has a life of sorrow after the death of a brother and a dying father. She cares for her mother who is falling apart and misses her lost best friend.

This Woven Kingdom evolves around Crown Prince Kamran and a servant girl. Kamran can’t get the servant out of his mind. He never imagined the young girl would someday cause his kingdom to fall apart.

American author Tahereh Mafi is an inspiring creative and fictional writer of children’s and young adult’s book series and novels. She received her high school and college diplomas in California and studied in Spain. Mafi’s recognition for book writing makes her one of the nation’s bestselling authors in literature for the younger generation, with 18 books published to date.

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