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Hercule Poirot Books in Order

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Books by Agatha Christie and Others

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Books by Agatha Christie and Others

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Agatha Christie Biography

Agatha Christie was born on September 15th, 1890. She is the author of some of the most popular mystery novels in history, including Murder on the Orient Express and And Then There Were None. Her books have sold over a billion copies worldwide, making her one of the best-selling authors ever. Agatha had an unfortunate childhood with both parents dying before she turned 16; however, she managed to make something out of herself by writing about murders and other crimes.

Agatha's famous detective character Hercule Poirot helped give insight into her personality and hers for solving mysteries based around murder cases which led to significant success in her career as a writer. This blog post will explore more information about Agatha's life and provide information about her most popular books.

Agatha Christie's mother died in 1888 when she was three years old, the same year of her father, Frederick's death. As a result, Agatha spent much of her life with her grandmother (also named Agatha), whom she has named after. Her father had gotten into debt and lost most of his money before he passed away. This meant that Agatha experienced many hardships before marrying Archibald Christie, who served as an aviator during World War I. During their marriage, Archie often traveled for work to fight in the war, which led to them spending a lot of time apart. It wasn't until five days after Archie left for Egypt that Agatha decided to come forward about her first husband, Archie.

Agatha met Archie in 1914, who had returned from fighting in World War I after he got injured and was unable to fight again. He eventually recovered but had to return home, where they started writing each other letters daily. Eventually, the two of them fell in love and married, which led to Agatha getting pregnant with their first child named Rosalind Hicks on August 29th, 1920; however, she died three days later due to pneumonia on September 1st. They divorced on January 4th, 1926, after Archie's reoccurring affairs became too much for Agatha. Her daughter would become an author of romantic novels as well as stories for children.

In 1926, Agatha met Max Mallowan, a name professor from the University of London and an archaeologist. She ended up divorcing Archie and marrying Max on December 4th, 1930, in Baghdad after hiring him to work for her as an archaeologist at many digs that she funded throughout Iraq's historical sites that involved ancient civilizations.

On one expedition with her husband, they discovered traces of Ashtaroth, which is also known by its Greek name Astarte. Therefore, leading them to believe that the town they were excavating had ties to this particular goddess, which eventually led them to start their little museum in Bagdad, where they gathered all their findings over time.

Agatha Christie has written many different novels throughout her lifetime, the most famous being And Then There Were None. This particular book was published in 1939, translated into over 45 languages, and became a best-seller.

Another well-known novel Agatha has written includes Miss Marple's Final Cases & Two Other Stories, also known under the name Sleeping Murder. This book was published in 1976 but did take place after her death. Therefore, involving characters who are already deceased or about to die.

Another book that Agatha Christie has written is Hercule Poirot's Christmas, which was published in 1938 and told the story of who seems to be a nice family man called Mr. Shaitana with no real motives for what he does with his life. This book is an excellent example of how Agatha Christie uses multiple points of view because it switches back and forth between each character to add suspense and make the reader think about what would happen next in the story.

Another famous novel by Agatha Christie is Murder on the Orient Express, published in 1934 and told the story of Hercule Poirot after receiving an unexpected invitation from a fellow passenger he did not know very well or at all. However, this one chance encounter will turn into a nightmare after finding out the said person has been murdered while they were stuck on the train due to an avalanche blocking their path forward.

Another novel Agatha Christie has written is, And Then There Were None, published in 1939 and tells the story of ten people stuck on an island after accepting an invitation from a stranger named 'U. N. Owen'. In this novel, Agatha Christie uses multiple points of view, making the story more unpredictable as it switches back and forth between characters.

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