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Without revealing national security secrets, Carr’s works are as realistic as only an insider can describe. What matters most is the psychology and emotions behind the people who choose special operations as a career. Once a veteran contacted him to share how the books helped him come to terms with his own actions and enabled him to move forward.

Book 1 – The Terminal List

Lieutenant Commander James Reece is winding up his last combat deployment. A brutal ambush destroys his whole team as well as the aircrew who came to rescue them. It doesn’t stop there. On the day he arrives home, his entire family is murdered. He learns that these tragedies were orchestrated by his own government. With nothing to lose, he goes after them.

Book 2 – True Believer

Repeated violent attacks are suddenly ravaging the western world but the source is unknown. James Reece, now a wanted domestic terrorist, is desperately sought by the American government as their last hope because of his international geopolitical expertise. And so the adventure begins.

Book 3 – Savage Son

James Reece, recovering from surgery, is beginning to reclaim his life in Montana. He soon finds out that a turncoat CIA operative working with a Russian intelligence-mafia has targeted him for elimination.

Book 4 – The Devil’s Hand

A young new president is at the helm, but nobody knows that he has a secret that could change the course of history. In the meantime, a fanatical group of assassins has decided to bring the United States to its knees. Battling the threat of a cutting-edge bioweapon, James Reece is again called upon by the CIA to defend his country.

Book 5 - In the Blood: A Thriller

A female assassin boards a plane after completing her most recent assignment for Israel. Moments later, the plane explodes. James Reece, watching the events unfold on TV, is reminded of his past connection to her, and vows to find her killers.

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Jack Carr Biography

Regardless of your reading preferences, you'll soon be convinced that Jack Carr is a master of the hook-and-grab technique. Not only are his titles intriguing, but the pace and no-nonsense writing style will immediately pull you in. A former Navy Seal sniper, he worked for over 20 years in special operations and counterinsurgency. Using the five books in his current series, Amazon Prime is developing them into an eight-part serial starring actor Chris Pratt.

About Jack Carr

Jack Carr holds his early life close to his chest, but his very date of birth, July 3rd, might have been the first inspiration for his life of service. His mother was a librarian and made sure her son grew up with a love of books. The Iran Hostage Crisis in 1979, four years after he was born, affected him strongly. Learning about terrorism and guerilla warfare, he watched Walter Cronkite’s updates about the captivity of the Americans. Later he commented on “those pictures and then the evolving face of terrorism throughout the 80s. That time was particularly impactful to me. I was a serious kid growing up, because I knew that was going to be my war. That was going to be my enemy for my generation, and I studied it.” He joined the Navy in 1996 to follow his grandfather who had died during military service in World War II. He worked his way up, starting as an enlisted SEAL sniper to become an officer leading teams in Iraq and Afghanistan. Functioning as a platoon commander in the Philippines, he later returned to Iraq to spearhead a Special Operations Task Unit. After 20 years, he left the military but maintained his connection by supporting several organizations focused on helping veterans with PTSD:
  • Valor for Life
  • Rescue 22 Foundation
  • Special Forces Charitable Trust
  • Special Operations Care Fund
  • Big Hearts under the Big Sky
Here the Jack Carr biography takes an unexpected turn. Many veterans have difficulty transitioning to civilian life, but Carr has channeled his experiences into writing best-selling action thrillers. Married in 2000, Carr and his wife now live in Park City, Utah, where one of their three sons receives care at the National Ability Center. Carr actively supports that organization as well as the Brain Treatment Foundation. Active on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, Carr maintains a website at officialjackcarr.com and hosts the weekly Danger Close Podcast. His posts include topics of military interest, history, and author interviews offering advice for aspiring writers. If this Jack Carr biography intrigues you, check him out. He’s one of the good guys.

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