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1. Winter Street (2014)
2. Winter Stroll (2015)
3. Winter Storms (2016)
4. Winter Solstice (2017)

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1. 28 Summers (2020)

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Elin Hilderbrand Biography

Elin Hilderbrand is an American author who has published dozens of romance novels over the past few decades, impressing fans and critics with her romantic and exciting summer novels and series. Elin Hilderbrand's biography spans her beginnings as a new and inexperienced author in the 1990s and continues through her happy motherhood and rocky journey with illness. She is now renowned in the writing world as a master of beach read novels.

Hilderbrand has had an amazing personal journey exploring the many wonders of the island of Nantucket, where she currently lives and also sets many of her books in. Hilderbrand has written a Paradise Series, Winter Series as well as her most widely renowned standalone summer books. This author is on the New York Times Bestsellers list and has several future novels already in progress.

About Elin Hilderbrand

Hilderbrand was born July 17, 1969 in Collegeville, Pennsylvania. She grew up in a small town with her four loving siblings, with her parents divorcing when she was around five years old. She spent many happy summers on nearby Cape Cod, enjoying the weather, exploring different sports and collecting fun and shiny objects off the beach until her father died in a plane crash when she was 16. She had to work tirelessly in a factory for several summers after that tragedy. It was at this time that Hilderbrand became determined to once again fully experience and enjoy her summers.

Hilderbrand went on to be a successful graduate of John Hopkins University with a degree in Creative Writing. Hilderbrand worked a short time at a publishing press but quit within a year and moved to New York City to start teaching. She spent a summer in Nantucket, Massachusetts in 1993 and was thrilled with island life and the people there. She met Chip Cunningham and married him shortly after in 1995. She had a brief fellowship at the University of Iowa Writers' Workshop but didn't enjoy her time and felt like she didn't belong. She also spent time working at a local paper writing ads, which ultimately lead to her publishing her first novel The Beach Club in 2000.

Hilderbrand has steadily produced exciting summer reads since her first successful books. Her sixth novel Barefoot was a bestseller that shot Hilderbrand's name into worldwide reading clubs. Her first few books were published by St. Martin's Press until she switched to Little, Brown and Company. She has been successfully exploring new genres and characters ever since. In her personal life, Hilderbrand separated from her husband in 2015. They have three children together including Maxx, Dawson and Shelby. This author was tragically diagnosed with breast cancer in 2014 and underwent a double mastectomy that same year. She is now happy, healthy and always positive about her life and circumstances.

Hilderbrand has recently stated that she intends to wrap up her writing career and move toward movie or television adaptations of her work by 2024.

Overview of Books by Elin Hilderbrand

Hilderbrand has published 27 books as of 2021 with Golden Girl being her most recent achievement on the market. This author wrote a murder mystery in 2018 called The Perfect Couple, but her romance novels are her most popular stories. Hilderbrand has been very open about which book is her favorite, naming The Blue Bistro as her all-time perfect read.

This author has several series and also many novels that were written as standalone reads. Her Winter Series has four books and ran from 2014 to 2017. The 28 Summers Series has two books that were written in 2020 and 2021. She also has her renowned Paradise Trilogy with three books and her ever-popular Nantucket Series. This author has many fan-favorite standalone novels that continue to thrill and excite romance fans looking for enjoyable reads.

The Elin Hilderbrand biography shows that this author's life was exciting, heart-breaking and overall inspirational. Her connections with Cape Cod as a child as well as to her father led to her strong emotional connection to the ideal summer. This drive to experience carefree days at the beach and under the sun ultimately brought her to re-imagine summers in her many romance novels. She is renowned and loved for her beach reads by fans all over the world. As she winds down her writing career and moves toward other avenues of bringing her imagination to life, new and old readers alike can still enjoy her many romantic and exciting novels still on the shelves.

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