365 Creative Writing Prompts Topics

Sometimes writer’s block strikes and you don’t know where to start writing again. To help you kickstart your writing again, we’ve included 365 creative writing prompts below. Feel free to pick and choose, or use one a day for your journal entries.

If you want even more ideas, try our blog topic generator and writing prompt generator.

365 writing topics365 Creative Writing Prompts

1. Something I want very much
2. What animals can teach people
3. Summer in a cabin by a lake
4. What this story means to me
5. When I faced my fears
6. What’s in grandma’s attic
7. Something I don’t understand
8. Why I like/dislike playing team sports
9. A remarkable artist
10. A book I just read
11. A dedicated teacher or coach
12. A great scientific breakthrough
13. How to make new friends
14. I wonder why…
15. A funny thing happened when…
16. My school really needs…
17. Sometimes I wish…
18. Why I deserve the job
19. Can farmers grow enough food for everyone?
20. A helpful person I have met

21. What if I were 10 years old?
22. Meeting myself in the future
23. Why weekends need to be longer
24. The most fascinating things I learned
25. How to stop hiccups
26. Life among the cloud people
27. Who is beautiful?
28. A day at the beach
29. My self-esteem
30. My greed
31. When I traveled to…
32. Why are crime dramas so popular?
33. What if I were the teacher?
34. Picnic fun
35. Summer games
36. What if I met a…
37. A time when I got in trouble
38. The worst food I ever ate
39. My participation in an activity outside of school
40. This really bugs me

41. Learning to ride a bike
42. My favorite character from a book
43. At the library
44. Donuts for dinner
45. What do Americans do well?
46. My favorite family story
47. My muscles were so sore after…
48. The most fun I’ve had recently
49. A trip to a space station
50. Finally, a good assembly
51. A trip on a monorail
52. What makes me special
53. Is this love?
54. Where do you want to travel to next?
55. A day in the desert
56. Good things in my neighborhood
57. A school field trip
58. How we divide the chores at our house
59. An excellent birthday party
60. What it’s like where I work
61. Foods I love, foods I hate
62. If I had wings, I would fly to…
63. Things to do in the snow
64. When science took a big leap forward
65. Insects, insects everywhere
66. What if toys could talk?
67. Why my mom and dad are the greatest
68. Some of my favorite books
69. The biggest bubble-gum bubble
70. A really spooky story
71. My dream car
72. Unusual fruits and vegetables
73. A great treehouse
74. Pizza is…
75. What I know about dinosaurs
76. My favorite neighbor
77. Here’s what a new student needs to know
78. When I learned something difficult
79. A visit with the doctor or dentist
80. Why are some people so cruel?
81. Going grocery shopping
82. Something this school really needs is…
83. A memorable bus ride
84. A day in the rainforest
85. Why I like to read
86. Some things I like about the museum
87. The hardest thing I have ever done
88. How I picture myself four years from now
89. What I know about stars
90. All about an amazing place
91. Response to Literature
92. Losing my teeth
93. A day I will always remember
94. A cool store
95. Looking at pictures of family and friends
96. After-school games
97. Creatures that live in the ocean
98. A time that was just not fair
99. My idea of a fun weekend
100. A special photograph
101. Noisy times and quiet times
102. Would you rather live in the city or in the country? Why?
103. My bedroom from top to bottom
104. How to make my favorite dessert
105. What if a book came to life?
106. Let’s save _ in our schools
107. A project I am working on
108. Causes of a huge change in the world
109. A day in the life of my pet
110. A song that means a lot to me
111. If I wrote like the author of…
112. My most embarrassing moment
113. Talk about being scared!
114. I’d like to see…
115. When I did something amazing
116. Who knows me best?
117. When _ was born
118. Write about doing a puzzle – jigsaw, crossword, suduko, etc.
119. Building a fort
120. Traveling west in a wagon train
121. My first friend
122. Discovering a new friend
123. My Web site
124. The weirdest house pets
125. The first day of school is the worst/best because…
126. Tools I will need in my intended profession
127. What if there were no electricity
128. My favorite singer(s)
129. Having fun at school
130. What is one gadget or material item that you can’t live without?  Why?
131. My mom’s/dad’s hobby
132. A dark hallway
133. Creepy, crawly things
134. Who I will be in the future
135. My favorite board game
136. An invention that transformed the world
137. A typical evening at home
138. My first encounter with a bully
139. The toys I’ll never give up
140. Let’s help the animals by…
141. A personal habit I’d like to change
142. A big problem in education is…
143. What’s under my bed?
144. I believe in time travel
145. Water balloons!
146. What it’s like to use a wheelchair
147. Magic tricks I can do
148. The book that got me hooked on reading
149. A person who changed history
150. My favorite season
151. Let’s hear it for my favorite senior citizen
152. How I would define the word…
153. Sometimes, adults seem…
154. Write about your first love.
155. How I express myself artistically
156. A typical lunch hour
157. Do you believe in magic?  Why or why not?
158. Looking at the globe
159. How do people cope with constant pain?
160. We couldn’t stop laughing!
161. A special birthday
162. Your grandparents
163. How a vehicle works
164. Write a description of an object close-up.
165. What invention would I like to see in my lifetime?
166. My favorite teacher
167. Cooking dinner with Mom/Dad
168. What I broke or lost that belongs to someone else
169. My trip to…
170. Rights that kids in my grade should have
171. I’ll never eat another…
172. Why parents should be honest with their kids
173. I admit it: I enjoy professional wrestling.
174. Do I want to be famous?
175. It’s a rule, so it’s right… right?
176. Why I deserve a larger allowance
177. A meaningful gift I’ve given or received
178. Something funny that happened to me
179. Things that are hard to believe
180. What my dreams feel like
181. Obstacles are what you see when you take your eyes off the goal.
182. Book characters I’d like to meet
183. I’m principal for the day. Here is my schedule.
184. How it would feel to walk in space
185. A sport I’m good at
186. This person makes me laugh
187. The theme of my favorite story is…
188. What most drives me crazy is…
189. If only I would have listened!
190. What a house of the future might look like
191. Doing homework
192. What a family member taught me
193. What different colors mean to me
194. An amazing work of art
195. Write abouut your favorite book
196. What I know about the ocean
197. A great place to go
198. Games we play at recess
199. I believe in ghosts because
200. The music that moves me most
201. Putting on a play
202. An unforgettable dream
203. Is pollution a necessary evil?
204. When I see nature, I…
205. Why appearance is not so important
206. Swimming at the pool or lake
207. Friendly places
208. The wildest hairstyle I have ever seen
209. What I know about…
210. I don’t understand why…
211. The funniest zoo animal
212. My adventure
213. Who’s at the zoo?
214. Meet the characters of…
215. When I was lost
216. A story about a holiday
217. The best house pets
218. My worst vacation
219. Playing a game with Grandma/Grandpa
220. My shopping list
221. An amazing animal
222. What I regret most
223. Funny things my pet has done
224. Foods I don’t like
225. What I use a computer for
226. Things I see when I take a walk
227. I love/hate parties because…
228. _ is like a boomerang
229. Our classroom pet
230. What do I do to break routine?
231. A cartoon character that I like
232. I rode on a…
233. A big hazard on the road
234. When the dinosaurs returned
235. Gone fishing!
236. What I like about where I live
237. Making my favorite food
238. Amazing facts I know
239. When I was upside down
240. We all make mistakes
241. A great book made into a great movie
242. My best class ever
243. Write about your 21st birthday.
244. Write about an object that’s been passed through the generations in your family.
245. What I know about an animal
246. What’s good about hard work?
247. What is important to me?
248. How I can change the way I look
249. The rules we follow
250. What if we suddenly had to move?
251. The biggest thing I ever saw
252. A bicycle I’d like to have
253. Write from the viewpoint of a cactus – what’s it like to live in the dessert or have a “prickly personality”?
254. Words I think are funny
255. How _ came to be.
256. Would you rather be rich, successful, healthy, or famous? Why?
257. Instructions for a pet sitter of my pet
258. The government should…
259. My best birthday
260. Something I wish would happen
261. Long ago and far away
262. A friend who moved away
263. Seeing the world through the eyes of…
264. My favorite clothes
265. Discover nature
266. Why I love to sing
267. The parade
268. What will I share?
269. Coping with brothers and sisters
270. If I were a superhero, I’d be…
271. We got caught!
272. A funny time in my family
273. A trip in a submarine
274. What if I were someone else?
275. What I like about math
276. My dream
277. Dear Senator
278. Dancing to the music
279. A place I like to visit
280. A game that meant a lot to my childhood
281. My chores
282. Playing with pets
283. If I lived back in history
284. A trip on a rocket ship
285. The environment: problem and solution
286. How plants grow
287. I would have liked to have lived during this time.
288. What makes me laugh?
289. The next wave of social media
290. If I could be someone else, I would be…
291. Getting my first pair of glasses
292. An important person I know about
293. The idea hit me like a tornado.
294. Morning madness
295. My first crush
296. Rings on her fingers
297. Putting my foot in my mouth
298. A visit to a friend’s school
299. A cozy spot at home
300. How could TV be better?
301. The tallest, the deepest, the longest, the biggest
302. Dear George Washington
303. My favorite baby-sitter
304. My new friend
305. My first concert
306. Why school fund-raisers are important
307. Hanging out
308. When the big storm hit
309. What is the greatest benefit of journaling?
310. Going to the dentist
311. My favorite food
312. My best day
313. A person who means the world to me
314. When everything goes wrong
315. My craziest experience in a restaurant or shopping mall
316. One thing I want to do by the time I leave 8th grade
317. Write about a time you’ve been physically hurt.
318. Eating lunch with my friends
319. My favorite place
320. I take some things too seriously
321. A toy I’ve held onto all these years
322. Things that would make my neighborhood better
323. A walk in the woods
324. Overcoming health problems
325. A visit to a relative’s house
326. Write about a failure
327. A great day with a friend
328. My brother or sister made me so mad
329. I couldn’t believe that Mom/Dad volunteered me for that job
330. I like to make…
331. Let’s help the environment by…
332. My favorite form of exercise
333. What do I worry about?
334. I’m happy when…
335. Buying something with my own money
336. My homework place
337. Going to the circus
338. A change that would improve school life
339. If I started my own business, I’d…
340. Things I’d like to change
341. Dirt bikes and skateboards
342. I’d like to invent a machine that…
343. Write about your favorite instrument
344. A narrow escape from trouble
345. My favorite pet
346. What if school sports were dropped?
347. My life as a…
348. Games I play with friends
349. All about an amazing animal
350. Helping out around the house
351. Staying at a friend’s house
352. A job I’d really like to have
353. I’ve done something that no one else has done
354. An important time in history
355. My first school memories
356. When I conducted an experiment
357. Activities for outdoor fun
358. An all-new album from an important artist
359. Let’s push alternate forms of energy
360. I like spring because…
361. The last time I cried
362. Activities for indoor fun
363. A special, secret place
364. Alone on a desert island
365. Our clubhouse

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