HMU Meaning: What Does HMU Mean?

HMU meaning is an expression that was already popular as slang before it turned into an acronym. It is used fairly often online these days. The expression it represents comes from the 90s and is specific to that era, although there are complications.

What Does HMU Mean?

HMU stands for “hit me up.” It essentially means that you want someone to contact you in some way. It is a largely informal expression that’s usually just a practical matter. You want someone to communicate with you.

However, it can also indicate that someone is communicating with you in a specific way. So, if you say, “he HMU for cash,” it means that someone was asking you for money.

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HMU is one of those abbreviations that have a huge number of contexts. For example, HMU doesn’t have to have a flirtatious context at all, but it certainly can. For example, it’s not uncommon for people to write “HMU” on their profiles to encourage others to contact them.

They may even write that to you directly in a message if they cannot get a response from you right away and are interested in communication in a dating context. You might get a message that says something like, “Hey, I haven’t heard from you in a while. HMU.” Or on a dating site, you might see, “Hey, you’re super hot, HMU.”

Many songs and other works of art use HMU in this context.

In other words, HMU is simply about interacting. If you add something else to it, then it suddenly becomes about interacting in that specific way.

When Did HMU Start Being Used?

The HMU meaning as an expression first started being used in the ’90s as a part of hip hop. To clarify, “hit me up” was used. One of the reasons for this is that pagers were a common device to use during the period. Pagers were on-way devices where someone could communicate something straightforward to you.

The pagers could only receive phone numbers. So, essentially, if you wanted someone to call you, you would call their pager (mobile phones were used later in the decade). Also, pagers could vibrate or beep softly so that you could use them in locations where it wouldn’t be polite to talk or make too much noise from a ringing phone.

To “hit up” someone then meant to ask for them to contact you, including calling your pager. Rappers started using this phrase in many different contexts during the 90s and beyond, but the general meaning was a contact request. This then moved to talk about mobile phones when the tech improved.

In terms of the abbreviation “HMU,” this occurred around 2009 and 2010 when it appeared on the Urban Dictionary site. It just sorts of started being used by everyone all at once as a natural extension of the culture that was using the phrase since the Internet was becoming a more and more popular means of communication.

These days it’s hit a sort of plateau in terms of popularity. However, it’s also certainly been thoroughly absorbed into the culture so that people of almost any persuasion will use it.

Other HMU Meanings

There really aren’t any other popularly used expressions to go with HMU. HMU meaning almost universally stands for ”hit me up” and references an interaction of some sort. So, the words themselves aren’t going to be different, generally, but the meaning the phrase has at the moment could vary based on what you are trying to say.

When Should You Use HMU?

Like a lot of Internet slang and expressions, you should use HMU exclusively in informal situations. If someone is asking to meet you later somewhere, or they want some other kind of interaction, information, or something else for you, it’s a simple matter to use HMU as a means of telling them to contact you about whatever when they are ready.

Really, you can be rather creative with HMU. It’s just about telling people that you want to talk to them or telling others that someone wants to talk to you. It’s one of those phrases that can be used almost infinitely, generally speaking.

Examples of Using HMU

Just like many Internet slang abbreviations, it’s a great way to get information to someone quickly that you’re ready to talk to them at a certain point in a speedy, efficient way. It’s common to use this expression when they ask you for something, but you are busy.

  • “Sorry, can’t talk right now I’m about to go into a conference call. I should be done in an hour or two though, HMU.”
  • “OK, well if you ever are in town we should hang out. HMU.”

You could use the expression when you are trying to schedule just about anything.

  • “Hey I want to play Mario Kart later on today. HMU when you’re ready to play.”

You can also use HMU to describe a situation when someone is bothering you.

  • “He keeps trying to HMU, but I already told him I wasn’t interested.”

The acronym is also applicable in an informal business situation. Such as, you could be asking someone about a product that you’ve bought from them before but that they don’t have right now. They might respond with:

  • “Oh yeah, no problem. I should be getting some more in about a week. HMU then and I’ll hook you up.”

It could even just be a conversation where someone says:

  • “Hey, are you going to be around this week?”
  • “Yep HMU.”

Using HMU meaning doesn’t get more efficient than that.

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