“Have a Great Day” Quotes & Sayings to Start Your Day Off Right

Dropping your kids off at the school bus, or wishing your neighbor a great day as you pull out of your driveway, wishing someone “have a great day” is apt to start them off in a great mood.

Other Ways to Say “Have a Great Day”

There are a number of ways to say “Have a Great Day” to someone. Read on to learn about these alternatives:

- Have a good day! - Have an awesome day! - I hope your day is great! - I hope your day goes well. - Today will be the best!

Motivational Have a Great Day Quotes & Sayings for a Loved One

Not every day will be a great one for them, but also they will tire of the same phrase every day.

- You are the best and I know you will try your hardest at work today. Go forth and do wonder! - Even the more complicated tasks can be overcome if we just try.

Have a Great Day Quotes

- “For me, a lovely day is any day I wake up” – Bernie Siegel - “Good news equals good day.” – Unknown

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