7 Scrabble Rules You Can Use to Win

Want to become the Scrabble winner in your next family gameboard night? Well, you are in luck! You can use these seven Scrabble rules to your advantage.

Get a Head Start With First Word Score Rule

When the scrabble game begins, the first player places their word on the star spin within the board’s center.

Aim for the Fifty Point Bonus

If you use all the letters from your rack simultaneously, you receive a fifty-point bonus, commonly known as the Bingo.

Use Foreign Words That Appear in a Standard English Dictionary

The usage is granted because it is recognized as part of the English language when a vocabulary is used sufficient times.

Add Tiles at the Front and the End in a Single Turn

This move comes in handy when reaching two premium squares within a single play. Hence, resulting in some high Scrabble scores.

Challenge the Word

In the game of Scrabble, a challenge refers to the act of a player questioning the legitimacy of one or more words created by another contestant in the recent turn.

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