How to Write A Joke In 7 Steps

Many people won’t be able to write a great joke on their first try, but with time and practice, you can get there. Read on to learn how to write a joke!

Choose and Study A Comedian

It’s a great idea to find one you’re interested in and learn from them, then write your version of that joke!

Jot Down Your Ideas

As you think of a joke, jot it down and write as much detail as possible. It should be about one or two sentences long – no more than that! This way.

Structure Your Jokes

A good joke is like a sentence; it has the same parts of speech (nouns, verbs, pronouns) and follows the rules like punctuation or capitalization.

Keep It Short and Concise

You want your reader/listener to be able to get it quickly without putting too much effort into understanding what you’re saying.

Add Jab Lines

A good jab line can create tension, build up for a bigger punchline, or be funny on its own! Be careful not to overuse them, though.

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