40+ Best Gifts for Writers, Poets, & Screenwriters 2022

As a community of writers, we can tell you the best gifts for writers. We hope that these spark inspiration for your next gift-giving event.

Waterproof Notepad

Get your favorite writer a waterproof notepad for the shower. It even comes with a pencil attached to a suction cup.

Writer’s Block Remedies

This literal block features over 780 ideas to help your writer overcome their momentary inability to write.

Noise-Canceling Headphones

The world is filled with distractions and noisy environments. Noise-canceling headphones will give your favorite writers a rest from the cacophony around them.

A Puzzle

Sometimes all a writer needs to get going again is a break from their work. Get them a puzzle as a gift to give them an excuse to take a break.

Board Games

Board games are one of the best gifts for writers. Whether to take a break, socialize with friends, or simply to spark new ideas board games are a great gift.

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