Abbreviations for Months

Wondering how you abbreviate months of the year or simply the word “month?” You’ve come to the right place to learn.

How Do You Abbreviate the Word Month?

The short form of month is usually abbreviated as MTH. MTH is usually relegated to small displays particularly in clocks and calendars.

How Do You Abbreviate Months of the Year?

The general rule to abbreviate each month is simply to take the first three letters in each one, which makes it easy to remember and to put into practice.

Definition of Month

A month is defined as a period of roughly four weeks, which makes up one of the twelve periods that form a year.

Synonyms for Month

Technically speaking the word, the word month doesn’t have a synonym, and neither do the individual months of the year. This is large because they are proper nouns.

When to Use the Abbreviations

Abbreviations, as a rule, are only meant to be used when it’s important to save space or avoid constant repetition.

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