Zodiac Academy Books in Order

Paranormal, astrological teen romance talent Caroline Peckham writes alongside dystopian romance master Susanne Valenti to publish a series steeped in magic.

Zodiac Academy Overview

Twins and orphans Tory and Darcy Vega make by through picking pockets and swindling the odd tourists to pay for their crummy apartment.

But when a mysterious stranger pops into their lives and reveals an inheritance to a Fae royalty, the twins are skeptical but jump at a chance out of their dim prospects.

Author Biographies and other Books

Caroline Peckham Biography Born in the UK village of Kent, Caroline was unconsciously set to become a fiction writer.

A born-spirited reader, the young Peckham became enraptured by fantasy novels, waiting till midnight to read the latest Harry Potter release.

Susanne Valenti Biography

Born in Kent with her younger sister Caroline, the destined author would jot down ideas and short stories all through her young life.

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