What Does Once, Twice, Thrice Mean? What Comes After Thrice?

Once twice thrice is a numerical sequence used to represent the numbers one, two, and three. In this article, we’ll explore what the sequence “once, twice, thrice” means and where it came from.

Types of Numerical Terms

There are different types of numerical terms and they all have different functions.

What Is the Meaning of Thrice?

In English, thrice means “three times”.

What Does Once, Twice, Thrice Mean?

Once means “one time,” twice means “two times,” and thrice means “three times.”

What Comes After Thrice?

By most accounts, there is nothing following thrice on the sequence. It just ends there. According to the Oxford Dictionary, nothing comes after thrice.

The Origin of Once, Twice, and Thrice

Most numerical terms have their root in Latin words or Old English words. Once, twice and thrice belongs to the group with Old English roots.

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