Earn Extra Cash: Best Places to Sell Textbooks

Textbooks are expensive and take up lots of space on your bookshelf, so there’s no reason to hang onto them once you’re through with school.


If you want to sell textbooks, Chegg makes it easy. Enter your textbook’s ISBN to check its value, and then pack it up and ship it for free.


You will need to photograph your book, write a description, list it for sale, and wait to see if anyone buys it.


Bookbyte pays cash for your used textbooks via Paypal or a check. You can enter the book’s title, author, or ISBN on the website to see what they will pay for it.


Craigslist is different from the other sites covered so far. It’s for selling items locally. Simply describe your item and location, then list it for sale.


AbeBooks is a popular online bookstore owned by Amazon. They are known for carrying many old and rare books.

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