Words That Rhyme With Tree

As trees are an important part of the natural environment, it can be fun to explore words that rhyme with “tree.” Rhyming words are a great way to add creativity and excitement to your writing or speech. These words that rhyme with “tree” can be helpful when you’re writing a poem, crafting a rap, or having fun with words.

Common Perfect Rhymes for Tree

Many words that rhyme with “tree” can also have an “ee” ending. Here are some common examples you can use:

  • Bee: A small buzzing insect that is often seen flying around plants in search of nectar and pollen.
  • Glee: The excitement you feel when doing something enjoyable or fulfilling.
  • Knee: A body part that supports movement when walking, running, or jumping.
  • Agree: When two parties come together and agree on something.
  • Free: The ability to do whatever you want without constraint or restriction.
  • Fee: Cost to purchase a product or service.
  • Tee: An informal and shorter way to say t-shirt.
  • Ghee: A type of clarified butter used in Indian cuisine.
  • Spree: A period of activity that is often short.
  • See: The ability to observe something through your eyes.
  • Flee: To run away quickly from a place or situation.
  • Three: A number that comes after two and before four.

Words That Rhyme With Tree

Words that rhyme with “tree” doesn’t always need to have a perfect “ee” ending. Here are some examples: 

One Syllable

  • Key: A small object used to open and lock doors or other objects.
  • Flea: A small insect that jumps high and bites animals, including human beings.
  • Sea: Large body of salt water on Earth’s surface that covers 70% of the world’s surface area.
  • Pea: A vegetable that comes in a pod that you can cook and eat as part of a meal. 
  • He: A pronoun used when referring to a man or boy.
  • She: A pronoun used to refer to a female. 
  • We: A pronoun used when referring to more than one person.
  • Me: A pronoun used when referring to oneself. 
  • Ski: A type of snow sport that involves gliding across the snow on two small boards. 

Two Syllables

  • Debris: Small torn pieces of a larger object. 
  • Rupee: The official currency of India. 
  • Draftee: Someone who the government has chosen to serve in the military or public service.
  • Bungee: A type of extreme sport that involves jumping off a platform with a long elastic cord attached to your body.
  • Coffee: A hot beverage made from roasted and ground beans.
  • Degree: A level of achievement, such as a college degree.
  • Decree: A rule or order issued by a government or authority. 
  • Trainee: Someone who is being trained for a certain job or position.
  • Trustee: Someone appointed to look after the affairs of another person or organization.
  • Emcee: A person that introduces artists performing on stage, TV, or radio. 

Three Syllables

  • Absentee: Someone who is away from a place where you expect them to be. 
  • Employee: A person hired by an organization or company to work for them.
  • Nominee: When you propose a person for a position or an award, they are a nominee.
  • Refugee: Someone who has to relocate from their home due to conflict or persecution.
  • Foresee: The ability to expect or predict what may happen in the future.
  • Devotee: When someone commits to a particular cause, person, or activity, you refer to them as a devotee. 
  • Appointee: When you are appointed to a particular position or role, you become an appointee.
  • Potpourri: A mixture of different things, usually with a pleasant scent.
  • Referee: Someone who is in charge of making sure contestants or players in a game or contest follow the rules.
  • Disagree: When two parties come together and do not agree on something. 
  • Poetry: Form of literature 

Four Syllables

  • Guarantee: The assurance that something will happen.
  • Bourgeoisie: The wealthy and privileged class of people in a capitalist society. 
  • Interviewee: A person who is being interviewed or taking part in an interview.
  • Agility: To be able to move quickly and easily. 
  • Analogy: A comparison between two things with similar features or functions. 

Five Syllables

  • Actuality: The true state of things as they are rather than what you imagine or expect them to be
  • Opportunity: A chance to do or achieve something. 
  • Necessity: Something that you need to do or achieve something else. 
  • Community: People living in the same place or sharing a common interest.
  • Visibility: How clearly you can see an object 

Six Syllables

  • Responsibility: The state or fact of being responsible for something.
  • Radioactivity: the emission of harmful energy or radiation
  • Predictability: Something will happen or is predictable

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