Words That Rhyme With Home

Rhyming words add a bit of fun and creativity to any writing. If you are looking for words that rhyme with home to increase your rhyming game or make your poem more enticing, this article is for you. 

Perfect Rhymes

Perfect rhymes, also known as exact rhymes, provide a sense of balance and completeness to poetry or song lyrics. They are pairs of words with the same end sounds. Examples include “cone” and “stone” or “soaked” and “choked.” 

Perfect rhymes sound the same when pronounced but have different spellings. The vowel sounds emphasized in the terms are alike; for example, I bought a ‘home’ in ‘Rome.’ The vowel “O” in both words has stress.

Here is a list of words you should add to your rhyming dictionary. 

  • Chrome: A yellow pigment made from lead chromate.
  • Comb: A tool with a row of teeth used for grooming hair.
  • Dome: A curved, often circular structure like a roof or ceiling.
  • Foam: A soft, light mass of tiny bubbles formed in liquids.
  • Gnome: An imaginary creature with magical powers living in the woods.
  • Jerome: A male given name derived from the Greek for “sacred name.”

Slant Rhymes

Slant or near rhymes are imperfect or inexact because they do not match up at the ends like perfect rhymes. Examples include “groom” and “room” or “slight” and “light.” 

Most slant rhymes have the same consonants and different vowels, or vice versa. For example, I was at home alone. In this example, the words have the same vowels, ‘O’ and ‘E,’ but different spellings.

Expert Tip: For learners, slant rhymes hint at a rhyming word without being too obvious.

Here are different rhymes that you can use: 

  • Bone: A stiff, rigid connective tissue that forms the skeleton of most vertebrates.
  • Cone: A three-dimensional geometric shape with a circular base
  • Groan: An expression of pain or despair.
  • Grown: To have increased in size or age.
  • Prone: Lying flat or face down. Stone. A rigid solid material made of minerals.
  • Abode: A dwelling place or home.
  • Household: A group of people living together in a home.

Other Words That Rhyme With Home

One-Syllable Rhymes

  • Loam: A type of soil that is sandy clay with excellent fertility.
  • Ohm: A unit of electrical resistance.
  • Tome: A book, especially a large and educative one.
  • Roam: To wander or travel.
  • Tone: Expressions by voice.
  • Stone: A substance made from earth.
  • Throne: A structure of prestige and leadership
  • Blown: To puff air
  • Shown: To put on display
  • Flown: To move by air
  • Sewn: To repair

Two-syllable Rhymes

  • Genome: The complete set of genetic information contained in the DNA of an organism.
  • Shalom: To wish peace
  • Coxcomb: A fool’s cap decorated with a cock’s comb.
  • Rhizome: An underground stem in plants such as ginger.
  • Backcomb: To comb hair backward.
  • Syndrome: Occurring symptoms

Three-syllable Rhymes

  • Catacomb: An underground burial chamber built by Romans.
  • Ribosome: The cell’s command center for protein synthesis.
  • Hydrosome: An organic or inorganic spherical structure capable of storing fluids.
  • Chromosome: It is a threadlike structure that carries genetic information in the form of genes.

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