Words That Rhyme With High

Do you need words that rhyme with high? Look no further because you are at the right place. Whether you’re writing a piece of poetry, lyrics, or a story, adding rhymes can help bring out the emotion behind your words. So, let’s explore all wordy options that rhyme with high and improve your writing and vocabulary. 

Perfect Rhymes

Using perfect rhymes or exact rhymes for poetry or songwriting is an excellent way to get a true rhyme for the word “high.” Perfect rhymes have the same stressed vowel sound or are exemplified by homonyms and syllable count.  

Below is a list of words that are perfect rhymes for the word “high.”

  • Lie: to say something that is not true
  • Pie: a dessert dish made up of a crust and filling such as fruit, custard, or chocolate
  • Sigh: breathing out slowly to express disappointment or tiredness
  • Hi: an informal greeting 
  • Pi: a constant number (3.14) that you use to calculate a circle’s size

Other Words That Rhyme With High

Apart from perfect rhymes, there are other words that rhyme with high. They include slant rhymes and imperfect rhymes. 

A slant rhyme is when two words don’t quite rhyme but still have a similar sound. Most slant rhymes feature identical ending consonants but different vowels or vice versa. 

For example, you can consider “warm” and “worm” as slant rhymes. 

An imperfect rhyme is when two words share a common vowel-consonant sound at the end, but the stress is different. For instance, “ping” and “sharing” have identical -ing endings. However, they don’t have the same stress (ing for ping and ar for sharing.) 

One-Syllable Words

  • My: Used as a possessive determiner meaning ‘belonging to or associated with the speaker 
  • By: Used as a preposition meaning ‘in the vicinity of; near’ or ‘at a distance from’
  • Thy: an old English second-person pronoun meaning “your” (used in poetry)
  • Bye: an expression of farewell used when departing from someone
  • Sky: the expanse of air above us visible from the earth’s surface at any given time
  • Cry: an expression of strong emotion in the form of sound or words
  • Sly: cunning, crafty behavior for one’s gain
  • Dry: having no liquid or moisture; feeling parched due to lack of humidity in the air 
  • Fry: cook something in hot oil until it’s crispy and golden brown
  • Buy: buy goods or services with money
  • Try: A test or practice to achieve a goal
  • Pry: To open or to spy
  • Ply: A particular route that you regularly pass by, to sell, or thread number 
  • Rye: A grain type
  • Spy: To secretly observe someone or something

Two-Syllable Words

  • Apply: To make use of or put into practice a given procedure or activity
  • Comply: To act per a request, command, or law; obey
  • Decry: To publicly express strong disapproval of, especially in the form of criticism
  • Defy: To openly resist, refuse to follow, or challenge something
  • Retry: To try again after an earlier attempt at doing something has failed
  • Untie: To loosen something that you tied, bound, or knotted together
  • Supply: The act of providing or supplying someone with something they need or want
  • Reply: A response to an argument, question, statement, or situation

Three-Syllable Words

  • Butterfly: A flying insect with four wings and a long body, often brightly colored
  • Crucify: To punish or criticize harshly
  • Classify: To organize into distinct groups based on shared characteristics
  • Magnify: To increase in size, power, importance, or intensity
  • Nullify: To make void; invalidate
  • Purify: To cleanse from impurities, make pure
  • Justify: To provide a sound or convincing reason for; confirm
  • Signify: To state by signs or symbols; be a sign of
  • Modify: To change one or more attributes of something to make it better suited for its purpose

Four-Syllable Words

  • Acidify: To alter the pH of a solution by adding an acid
  • Qualify: To meet the requirements or criteria for an activity or position
  • Oversupply: An abundance of goods, services, or resources

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