Words That Rhyme With Cat

If you’re stuck trying to think of words that rhyme with “cat,” this article is for you. We all know the classic words like “hat” and “mat,” but there are plenty more words out there that rhyme with cat. Read on to discover some words that will help you win any rhyming game like Scrabble or poetry challenge.

Perfect Rhymes for Cat

For rhymes that work flawlessly with the word “cat,” use these perfect rhymes. These feature the same stressed vowel sounds and even the consonant-vowel ending of the word “cat.”

  • Mat: A flat material used to decorate a floor or table.
  • Rat: A small rodent with sharp teeth and whiskers.
  • Bat: A flying mammal that is most active at night.
  • Fat: An adjective describing something larger than normal.
  • Sat: The past tense form of “sit.”
  • Pat: To lightly tap or press something with
  • Splat: A sound made when something wet hits a surface.
  • Chat: To talk with someone.
  • Nat: A shortened version of the name “Natalie.”
  • Gnat: An annoying flying insect that is small in size.
  • Flat: Describes something that isn’t curved or raised.
  • Brat: An insulting term used to describe a misbehaving child.
  • That: A word referring to something or someone before mentioned or identified.
  • Scat: A type of jazz music sung without words.

Other Words That Rhyme With Cat 

One-Syllable Words

  • At: A word used to mark the time of an event or action.
  • Matt: Abbreviation or nickname of Matthew
  • Tat: Slang for a tattoo.
  • Vat: A large container used to store liquids.
  • Stat: A word used to describe something immediate or instantaneous.

Two-Syllable Words

  • Combat: To fight or oppose an enemy.
  • Begat: To give birth to or produce offspring.
  • Format: To arrange words, ideas, or numbers in a particular way.
  • Landsat: A satellite that provides images of land and vegetation.
  • Elat: A type of clay used in pottery and other crafts.
  • Fiat: A formal authorization or decision issued by an authority.
  • Phat: Slang for something that you consider cool and impressive.
  • Nonfat: A type of food free from fat or cholesterol.
  • Caveat: A warning or caution that you express in advance.

Three-Syllable Words

  • Habitat: A natural environment where a species lives and thrives.
  • Concordat: A type of agreement or treaty between two parties.
  • Democrat: A supporter of a political system based on democracy.
  • Diplomat: A person appointed by a government to represent them abroad.
  • Gujarat: A state in western India.
  • Quadrat: A square area used in mathematics and geometry.
  • Thermostat: A device used to control and maintain a certain temperature.
  • Autocrat: A ruler with absolute power and authority.
  • Bureaucrat: An official in a government department who handles paperwork and administration.

Four-Syllable Words

  •  Aristocrat: A member of the elite class or nobility.

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