What Rhymes With Words?

Finding the right rhyme can be difficult when there are hundreds and thousands of words in the English language. But fret not! Instead of searching in the dictionary, you can find what rhymes with words and finally have the exact rhyme to add uniqueness and creativity to poems and song lyrics and expand your vocabulary. You can also use them for a pun! 

One-Syllable Rhymes

Since “word” is a one-syllable word, you should find words with the same syllable count or at least have the ending sound. Remember, in poetry or songwriting, you should, as much as possible, look for terms with a repetition of similar sounds – even though the rhyme has a different meaning than “words.” For instance, “board” have different consonants than “word.”

Below are some rhyming words you can pair with “words.”


  • Bird: A creature with feathers that can fly. One example is a dove. 
  • Nerd: As a noun, it refers to someone socially awkward. 
  • Turd: A noun referring to solid waste.
  • Cord: A piece of cable or string. 
  • Board: Flat piece of material, mostly made out of wood or styrofoam.  
  • Lord: A male with a lot of power. For instance, “The lord of the manor.” 
  • Ford: A car brand. 
  • Sword: A long metal object with a sharp blade and handle. 

Two-Syllable Rhymes

There are also numerous rhymes with two-syllables that you can pair with “words.” Here is a list of words with two syllables that you can use to produce a verse bursting with creativity. 


  • Outwards: Pointing away or towards the outside. 
  • Crossword: A word puzzle often found in newspapers
  • Oxford: A city in England 
  • Bodyguard: Someone hired to protect another person. 
  • Coward: Someone who is not keen on facing danger or difficulties 
  • Reward: Usually an object given to someone who achieved something. 

Three-Syllable Rhymes

Finding three-syllable rhymes with words can be more difficult to find. The good thing is that there are still a few rare words with a rhythm that matches with “words.” Here are such words that aspiring poets use. 


  • Afterword: A part of a book that usually discusses how a novel or non-fiction was conceived or created. 
  • Hummingbird: A bird that can hover in midair.
  • Thirty-third: The 33rd item in a series.
  • Motherboard: The circuit board of an electronic device like a laptop. 
  • Smorgasbord: a mix of different food items. For instance, a cheese and cold cuts smorgasbord. 

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, this article answered your question about “what rhymes with words?” Generally, the trick to understanding what rhymes with words is to pronounce the word first and then find terms that match the ending. For instance, cheer- clear is a great match because they share the same ending. You can also select homophones like “beer and bier” with the same pronunciation but different spellings.

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