Icebreaker Games for Work

An ice breaker is meant to break the tension and help people get to know each other. The goal is to build trust, bloom work relationships, and help employees find common ground.

Lost at Sea

This fun game will put the team’s survival skills to the test. Your teams will need a pen and printout of the provided checklist of salvaged items.


This friendly and light-hearted activity will build community and practice positive praise. One group member, the “target,” will be asked to step outside of the room.

The other participants will write down something positive or a compliment about their colleague on a piece of paper.

Diversity Bingo

Print bingo cards with a designated number of squares of your choice. Fill each square with a statement that will apply to some of your participants.

Personal Coat of Arms

Coat of Arms allows participants to express their personal qualities through drawing.


Print out a large selection of quotes for participants to review. Participants will select a quote and work discuss its impactfulness and meaning with a partner.

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