16 Free Textbook Websites

Textbooks are not only expensive; they are also too heavy to carry! Thankfully, there are plenty of free textbooks websites so you can save money and your back.

Library Genesis

All you need is to enter the title of the book you’re looking for, and this free textbook website will pull up all the available downloads.


It provides free audiobooks, ebooks, and a good collection of textbooks in full-text PDF. You will find a wide variety of subjects, including Business and Technical Studies.

PDF Drive

PDF Drive is a cloud storage site that lets you download your favorite free PDF files to your computer. There are over 77 million eBooks, and they are all free to download.

Open Library

Currently, they have over 23,000 textbooks free to download, but you’ll also find other books related to history, medicine, music, science, religion, and more!


Their book collection spans over 9 million choices. On the other hand, they have a whopping 83 million articles available for download.

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