9 Exhilarating and Riveting Sci-Fi Books Like Dune You Should Read

If you loved Timothée Chalamet’s portrayal of Paul Atreides or simply want to explore other books like Dune, here are nine novels we think you’ll enjoy.

Hyperion by Dan Simmons

While the space opera Hyperion borrows the structure from The Canterbury Tales, the novel’s themes are similar to Dune‘s. Hyperion is comprised of six novellas, following the stories of pilgrims who meet aboard a ship.

The Foundation Series by Isaac Asimov

The book trilogy by Isaac Asimov considers the workings of an intergalactic empire, much like Dune. However, in contrast to Dune, Asimov portrays the collapse of an ancient civilization.

Red Mars by Kim Stanley Robinson

The first book of Kim Stanley Robinson’s Mars trilogy follows the expedition to a cold and barren planet in hopes of establishing new colonies. And this hard science fiction book is taken up with the practicalities of terraforming.

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