11 Best Plagiarism Tools 2022

The best plagiarism checkers offer accurate results within a matter of time. They would tell you how much of your work is similar to someone else’s work.


If you click on the plagiarism button, Grammarly will scan your whole article and underline the parts that you might have taken directly from other sites online.


This program offers an unlimited plagiarism checker, but with a certain charge. Do not worry, this site would give you total freedom to use the said function as much as you need it.


It provides a complete list of matched sources, giving you an overview of where the copied text comes from. The matches between the text and the source are highlighted.


This is a create tool for finding out if anyone has copied your content and if they have, you can file a DMCA request to have the content taken down.


This tool looks into both academic databases and websites and comparing your document with these sources.

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