Best Colleges for English Majors 2022

The best schools don’t just help you develop your reading and writing knowledge, they will also help your critical thinking and analysis of various forms of literature.

Harvard University (Cambridge, Massachusetts)

Harvard is known for its excellence in many areas, and its English Department is no different.

Brown University (Providence, Rhode Island)

Brown University’s English Department makes it a priority to foster an understanding of literature and the cultures that produce literature.

University of California – Berkeley (Berkeley, California)

Its English department provides students with courses in critical writing, literary analysis, history, and, of course, literature.

Purdue University  (West Lafayette, Indiana)

One of its most well-known programs is the Purdue Online Writing Lab, a resource that covers almost every aspect of English and writing.

The University of Iowa (Iowa City, Iowa)

The University of Iowa’s English Department offers majors in fields such as English, Nonfiction Writing, and Literary Studies.

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