Is From Capitalized in a Title?

Titles are hard to come up with. Every writer or editor will tell you that. But what is also the trick is to figure out just how to capitalize one as well. There are four main styles of capitalizing a title. We won’t get too much into them here. But we can extract some basic guidelines from them and figure out the answer to the question:

Is “From” Capitalized in a Title?

When Is “From” Capitalized in a Title?

When we extract the common rules or tendencies from those four main styles of title capitalization, we know that the first word of a sentence is capitalized so “from” is capitalized if it is the first word of a sentence. The word “from” is capitalized in the middle of a title if you are using APA or AP title capitalization styles in title case.

The following examples show the affirmative answer to the question, is “from” capitalized in a title:

  • “He Is From Far Away”
  • “Where Does It All Come From?”

When Is “From” Lowercase in a Title?

The word “from” is lowercased in MLA and Chicago styles since it is a preposition with four letters.Β In both of these styles, prepositions are lowercase regardless of length.

The word “from” is also lowercase in titles that follow sentence case rules unless it is the first word of a sentence.


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