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      1. Tomato Timer – Keeps me on track and focused.
      2. Trello – Great for organizing my to-dos.
      3. Rainy Mood – Rain sounds that allow for calming focus.
      4. Headline Analyzer – Great way to check if my titles are optimized.
      5. Grammarly – Best grammar tool for editing on the internet.
      6. Capitalize My Title – Quickly and easily capitalized my blog titles.
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      Great, that is a helpful list Bobby. Thanks!

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      People have suggested this program to me forever, and I have resisted, with all my heart, until this month when my computer crashed, and I’ve lost a ton of bookmarks and links.


      I then introduced and tested Evernote’s free version. I’m a bit crooked now.

      Evernote is a cloud-based application that allows you to clip web posts, save photos, take notes and organize your life and glitch font here on your computers in general. Evernote is a little miracle for someone like me who failed in Scrivener, but never recalls using One Note. I’m now in a simple and easy to scan location for my web links, random ideas, Beatsheet and drawings.

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