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Capitalize My Title helps hundreds of thousands of writers, bloggers, and publishers every month with correct title capitalization.

Now, you can get the power of Capitalize My Title right in WordPress with our new plug-in that offers real-time title capitalization for WordPress sites.

Title Capitalization WordPress Plug-In Features

Lots of Style Options

  • You can use the following styles for capitalizing titles:
    • Chicago Manual of Style
    • APA (American Psychological Association)
    • AP (Associated Press)
    • MLA (Modern Language Association)
    • lowercase
  • Easily change which style you want from our Settings page.
  • Bulk update all of your titles in WordPress with one easy click

Compatible with WordPress 5.0

WordPress 5.0 launched in December 2018 with the Gutenberg editor. Our plug-in is compatible with this new editor.

Temporarily Disable on the Post Page

If you don’t want to have title capitalization enabled on a particular post, you can quickly disable it right next to the post title box!

Get all of the great features of Capitalize My Title in a great new WordPress plug-in. Just download it below and install on your blog.


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