Best Google AdSense Alternatives 2021

Among the blog monetization programs out there, Google AdSense is probably one of the best out there. It has been the top choice among bloggers who want to earn a living out of blogging. Through AdSense, they could generate money by placing ads on their websites. But there are instances when Google could not approve of you. Or you wanted to find other great options. Worry not because we are going to identify some of the best Google AdSense alternatives which you can utilize.

It is worth noting that Google AdSense is an excellent monetization program for bloggers. Getting that seal of approval is something any budding blogger wants to have. But of course, you cannot always get what you want. Whatever the reasons are for not being able to get approval, these best Google AdSense alternatives could still provide you with the benefits which you could gain from AdSense itself. Hence, it is vital to know each of the payment threshold, payment methods, and minimum traffic requirements of these alternatives.

Best Google AdSense Alternatives for Ads

Before proceeding, you should take note that these best Google AdSense alternatives are not necessarily better. Nevertheless, they could get the job done and earn you more money.

1. Mediavine

To kick off our list, we have ourselves the Mediavine. We consider this as one of the best Google AdSense alternatives because of the services which it renders. While it is quite different from AdSense, they both achieve the same goal: and that is to monetize your page.

Mediavine has an ad technology that is free of the burden of legacy ad networks. Being future proof, it is ready to grow with your site. Once you have installed a single script, they will optimize all the ad placements on your site.

In addition to this, Mediavine uses lazy-loading and other speed tricks in order to maintain over 70% viewability. This would be great for advertisers and publishers alike.

Payment Threshold: $25

Payment Method: ACH, Check, Wire transfer, Paypal

Minimum Number of Sessions: At least 50,000 sessions per month


MediavineAdthrive2. Ezoic

If you aren’t able to get into some of the premium advertising companies like Mediavine or Adthrive, Ezoic is a great alternative. You get higher RPMs than Google Adsense because the Ezoic network has access to more premium advertisers due to the minimum number of monthly page views required to participate. They use a combination of AI and experimentation to give you access to the best advertising experience possible.

Ezoic also has a ton of features to help publishers earn more revenue from Site Speed tools, to improve site speed overall and keep readers coming back, to Ezoic Premium, which gives publishers access to a larger pool of premium advertisers.

Payment Threshold: $100 ($1,000 for wire transfers)

Payment Method: ACH, Paypal, Check

Minimum Number of Page Views: At least 10,000 page views per month



Why did we consider as one of the best Google AdSense alternatives? The answer is simple. is regarded as the AdSense for Yahoo and Bing. Being operated by two giant search engines, would ensure you that you still get your money’s worth with this ad monetization program.

This monetization program develops innovative digital advertising products for both the bloggers and the advertisers. What even makes this a great alternative is that you could get high-paying jobs in no time. Unlike AdSense, you are more likely to get approved at more easily.

If you are in doubt, several big companies use as their monetization program. These include the NY Times, Forbes, and WebMD.

Payment Threshold: $100

Payment Method: PayPal, Wire transfer, Payoneer

Minimum Number of Page Views: At least 3,000 to 5,000 views per day



4. BidVertiser

Bidvertiser is a direct advertising website that you could use if ever you were not approved in AdSense. Unlike the latter program, Bidvertiser ensures your immediate approval. So within a few minutes after signing in, you could already monetize your blog. In addition to this, Bidvertiser offers a referral program that would pay you for every referral. Whether you are a publisher or a blogger, this program would work well for you.

Aside from the things we already mentioned, Bidvertiser also provides conversion incentives to publishers. However, unlike AdSense, Bidvertiser creates a bidding system that allows the highest bidder to place their ads on your site. So it would take time for bidders to notice your site.

Payment Threshold: $10

Payment Method: Paypal, Wire transfer, Pauza, Check

Minimum Number of Page Views: At least 500 views per day


Bidvertiser5. Adthrive

AdThrive is one of the best Google AdSense alternatives because it is one of the biggest ad networks out there. We would rank them higher in this list (we use them and can attest), but they have a very high-quality bar for entry.

AdThrive displays family-friendly ads that analyze your site and present the ads which would perform the best. They could set up the DFP – or the Double Click for Publishers – on the ads they place once it is installed on your own blog.

It is worth noting that you may take time to wait for approval since AdThrive does have a waiting list. Nevertheless, the services which it offers are still excellent. This ad network has two levels of service – AdThrive and AdThrive Platinum ($250,000 in ad revenue each year).

Payment Threshold: $25

Payment Method: PayPal, Wire transfer

Minimum Number of Page Views: At least 100,000 page views per month


Adthrive6. Skimlinks

Unlike several of the best Google Adsense alternatives which we identified here, Skimlinks offers something different to bloggers. Skimlinks is a performance-based platform which monetizes content that focuses on e-commerce. It utilizes the affiliate marketing business model. With tools including the “Skimwords Lite,” and the “Skimwords Full Version,” you could insert affiliate links into your content or convert existing product links into affiliate links. Whatever option you choose, you could earn money easily whenever a sale occurs.

Skimlinks could provide you more earnings than AdSense could as long as you are selling well. This is because this site pays you for your affiliate sales and not on the number of clicks which your ads have.

Payment Threshold: $10

Payment Method: PayPal (Bloggers in USA and UK could be paid by direct deposit, check, or PayPal)

Minimum Number of Page Views: Around 1,000 views per day


7. Viglink

For bloggers who have a business or e-commerce site, Viglink could work well for you. Similar to Skimlinks and Amazon Ads, Viglink lets you earn money by means of affiliate sales. So the moment someone buys from the ads, you get your fair share of the profit. If you have outgoing links to product pages such as Amazon or eBay, then you are more likely to earn more affiliate sales. For example, you are linking a fashion item to a fashion page; of course, you will instantly get your commission.

What also makes Viglink as one of the best Google AdSense alternatives is the fact that you could still earn a decent amount of money even if you do not have any outbound link to a web store. As long as you are using money-related words, you’ll know you earn some cash.

Payment Threshold: $10

Payment Method: PayPal

Minimum Number of Page Views: Suggested number of views is at least 1,000 per day


8. PopCash

PopCash is one of the best Google AdSense alternatives that has been used for a relatively long period of time. PopCash offers good CPM and good inventory for all countries, whether it be via desktop or mobile traffic. With this platform, you could have full control over your campaigns while you target multiple audiences. Usually, all pending campaigns and applications are approved within one hour.

For publishers, you could process your payments daily and update your hourly statistics. This is an excellent feature for those who are always checking on their status.

Payment Threshold: $10

Payment Method: PayPal, Paxum, Payza

Minimum Requirements: You could start with only $5

Minimum Number of Page Views: Suggested number of views is at least 1,000 per day


9. Adbuff

We added Adbuff as one of the best Google AdSense alternatives because of its high-rating ad network which focuses on increasing the revenue for publishers who meet their standards. This monetization platform provides CPC ads and CPM to the publishers. It also offers high-quality banners to those who wish to explore your page.

Adbuff prides itself for working with an advanced contextual ad delivery system. It also offers advances detection systems which protect advertisers from fraudulent impressions and clicks. In addition to these, Adbuff offers real-time dashboards. For publishers, you will never see an unwanted pop-up or a malicious download using this program.

Payment Threshold: $100

Payment Method: PayPal, Payoneer

Minimum Number of Page Views: At least 2,000 views per day


10. Yllix Media

To complete our list, we considered Yllix Media. It offers decent monetization options, giving you the opportunity to earn money in various ways. Moreover, it provides multiple ad types for both desktop and mobile traffic. Fair payouts are based on traffic quality. For publishers, you could target your campaign by country or device.

What makes Yllix Media one of the best Google AdSense alternatives is the fact that your account could be approved instantly.Β  This could motivate you to carry on with the functions of the site.

Payment Threshold: $100

Payment Method: PayPal

Minimum Number of Page Views: Suggested number of views is at least 1,000 per day


Wrapping Up

Now that you have discovered the best Google AdSense alternatives, it is time to put your investigative goggles to good use. See to it that the perks that you could receive from the program of your choice could still suit your preference. In the end, it would be hard work and persistence which would give you some huge bucks for your blog.

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