5 Ways to Write Killer Blog Titles

Use these five tips for creating blog titles that make readers want to stick around and read your content. 1. Start with a working title Maybe you have a general topic in mind, but haven’t started writing yet. Who knows where your blog post will end up? A working title helps point you in the right direction. Your working title is not going to be perfect the first time, but it will help guide your writing. As you continue to write, iterate on your working title so that it correctly outlines what your post is about. 2. Hook your audience Have you ever noticed those advertisements that grab your attention by luring you to read more? Often a simple sentence with a captivating lead will be enough to grab your audience’s attention. Use a question that hooks the reader and entices them to read further. Reviewing a list of options? Include the number of options in your title (i.e.: 10 Things You Can Do to Improve Your Writing, 5 Ways to Lose 10 Pounds Now) Use Teasers Use lead-ins such as “How to…” or “10 Ways to…” These sorts of titles beg the reader to read further. Another great trick is to end your title with an ellipses (…) so that your readers are forced to at least start reading your article in order to feel complete. Be Provocative Including controversial topics in your titles will certainly get people to read the rest of your article. Who wouldn’t want to read about sex, drugs, and rock and roll? These topics are sure to get readers and even if your blog post doesn’t really relate to any controversial [...]