About Capitalize My  Title

Capitalize My Title is a tool that helps bloggers, journalists, and other writers like yourself to automatically email subjects, blog/essay/article titles, and more with the title capitalization rules from APA, Chicago, AP, and MLA style guides.

About Me

selfie[1]Hi, I’m Bobby!

I created CapitalizeMyTitle.com in December 2012 when I was beginning to build out a personal finance blog. I was frustrated with having to remember the rules of title capitalization when I was creating my blog posts, so I created a simple tool to do it for me. Although I originally created this tool for myself, I was surprised with the amount of use this tool gets. On Twitter alone, I’ve gotten some great feedback as you can see below.

If you enjoy using this tool or want to provide any suggestions for future development, feel free to drop me a line on my contact page.