Are you striving to get more visitors to your blog? The solution might actually be better titles for your blog articles. Google Search uses keywords and several other factors to determine how your blog posts rank relative to similar blog posts across the world. Since the beginning, one of the leading indicators for where a page or site ends up in Google’s ranking is the relevance of the keywords on a page and in the title. This week I came across a great tool that allows you to enter a headline and see how well it scores on a scale from 1-100 in terms of SEO potential. Check out my analysis of the tool below.

An Overview of the Headline Analyzer Tool


  • Overall Score: The best part of the tool is by far the overall score it gives when you enter a title. This allows you to quickly benchmark the current title against other titles you have scored. While not 100% accurate, the tool does a fairly good job of rating a title.
    Feature Image
  • Word Balance: The tool also gives a breakdown of the types of words used in the title, ensuring that you have a balanced title in terms of commons, uncommon, emotional, and powerful words.
    word balance
  • Keywords Used and Sentiment: At the end, the tool gives an overview of the main keywords used in the title and the sentiment (positive, negative, neutral).
    keywords and sentiment headline analyzer


  • Suggested Titles: For all the analysis the tool performs on the title you give it, it does not provide a list of recommended titles that would give a higher score. Adding this one feature would make the tool so much more powerful.

Some Test Analysis

I decided to give this tool a shot and see if it really gave the results I expected. I tried this tool with several titles from my old blogs as well as some headlines from CNN. Check out the results below.

From Making Money Fast and Slow

making money fast and slow 1

Get Your Movie Tickets at a Discount (Never Pay Full Price Again)

making money fast and slow 2

How To Choose Your Business Major

making money fast and slow 3

How to Cut the Cable Cord and Watch Live TV for Free Online

From CNN


CNN didn’t do too well, but I guess that’s not surprising considering they don’t need to optimize for SEO. This tool seems pretty useful, though I wouldn’t rely on it 100% to inform headline decisions. Even so, it’s a good starting point for building headlines that get clicked on. Most importantly, it pairs well with our title capitalization tool 🙂

PS: In case you were wondering, this article got a score of:

this article 1

this article 2

this article 3